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Found these Scampi Fries at a pub in New Orleans-- have you heard of them? They're from the UK. I thought they would taste like the Japanese Kappaebisen (shrimp chips), but they had more of a zingy citrus flavor than the scampi.

This product does not have a website, but the company did produce this absurd commercial on Youtube. MUST WATCH.

"The smell of success." HA! I love inappropriate British humor, and how it leaks into mass marketing. It's just ingenius. The term "scampi fries" can even be found on Urban Dictionary.



  • The Pub name is The Crown and Achor, located in Algiers Point, a ferry ride over The Mississippi river from the French Quarter.

    albena on

  • Just realizing that I shouldn’t have labeled this USA JUNKtion, given that these are from the UK.

    kayoko on

  • Hey Albena! How did you find this post? I loved The Crown and Anchor, what a great bar! My friend’s father lives just down the street.

    kayoko on

  • Hi Kayoko,
    I just was looking for better prices on the Scampi and your site came up – great! We now have cheezy moments and bacon Smiths too. I hope you come over for a visit again!

    albena on

  • Lol, classic pub snack. They also do a bacon version (which is a rip off of another crisp called frazzles) which is quite good. Utterly bizarre to know they’re selling them in New Orleans!

    Tom Loake on

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