Sake Gumi

This little Japanese izakaya was recommended to us by multiple people. It's located in a neon-lit strip mall in the Chinatown area of Vegas, a good 10 minute cab ride from the Strip.

Fully packed with a line out the door by the time we got there at 7:30pm. Luckily, we had a reservation- seriously, it seemed as though waiting an hour for a table was the norm here.

Ambiance was rambunctious- lots of specials written on the wall on white pieces of paper, hung with tape. Reminded me a little of NYC's Village Yokocho in the EV, but with better food.

Lots of really wacky specials that I thought was notable to post, such as...

Deep fried natto roll topped with maguro yamakake (grated mountain potato- slimy goodness!):

Baked potato with butter, mentaiko (spicy cod roe) and green onions:

Seared oysters with ponzu, a slice of raw garlic and shot of Sriracha on a bed of blanched spinach. The garlic/Sriracha combo packed the punch!

"Yakisoba Quesadilla"!!! This was exciting- yakisoba and cabbage sandwiched between two flour tortillas drizzled with mayo and sosu, okonomiyaki style. I loved this, although the family was not into it.

Char-siu Caeser Salad- not really caesar, as it was a more mustardy dressing.

Fried chicken with amazu (sweet vinegar sauce) with sliced onions and scallions.

Here's the most unique dish: "Shabu shabu mochi raviolis":

A thin layer of mochi covering olive oil/pesto marinated tuna, sitting on a basil leaf. Garnished with a smidget of pesto and olive oil.

The standard yakitori was excellent- a bit charred, light sauce:
The "grapefruit-sour" came with a half a grapefruit, juicer! Pour juice into your shochu. A fun little activity for the table.

This place is great if you want to take a break from the glitter of the Strip for some downhome food at a low price. It's worth the hike- it was definitely where all the locals hang out. Alice even says that Japanese rockstars go there!

4355 Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV
T: 702.367.3151

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  • i’m psyched you found a way to ichiza! i love it, and i think john goes there like once a week. the ramen there is ridiculous, note for next time.

    alice on

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