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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Just got back from 3 nights in Vegas for a very rare family vacation- how old is too old to tag along on trips with our parents?? It's an odd feeling, at least in my nutty family, where we all revert back to old habits and interactions as though the two children are still 10 years old.

But the kids are old enough to booze and gamble now! Vegas was pretty awesome- nothing better than a cocktail and beer at 10am at the slot machines (where I developed a dangerous addiction).

I will be posting our best meals in the next few days. I'm saving the best for last- stay tuned, cause it's worth it.

On our first day, we went to the buffet at the Wynn. First off, HOLY SHIT, what a snazzy hotel indeed. I seriously never wanted to leave. The buffet was like a pastel version of the Wonka factory- like paradise.

When we first got there at 11am on Monday, there was no line at all.

4 pay stations as you walk in. It was almost $50 per person with champagne. Oy. My dad won mucho cash at the quarter slots so we were livin' it up!
And then, you are transported to this fantasy foodland...

Inside tables- max occupancy: A Gajillion.

Look at all the lovely details!
Ok, now the food. All pretty visually appealing. But it's a buffet so you gotta pace yourself!

2 rooms of desserts:

You can see the cake man baking through the glass.

Here are our plates- I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they get from buffets. What would you gather from my family?

My pops:


My bro:


Here's probably my favorite- a simple cup of ruby grapefruit garnished with mint. Lovely!
Dessert platter:
All in all, the food was ok- but I suppose it's the best a buffet could ever get. I would have liked to see a raw bar full of fresh oysters, but at least I got my shrimp cocktail fix.

Look at this line when we left 2 hours later! Friggin Crazy!!!

Wynn Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV
T: 702.770.7100

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