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Eater reports the shutting down of the old school, million-year old East Village Italian sweet shop institution. Stay strong Venny! Don't let them get you down! Just put out some mouse traps and call it a day!

I have said it before, and I will say it again: FUCK THE DOH.

Here's my post on Veniero from just last month.

I'm depressed now.

UPDATE: I just read that the shutdown was due to a plethora of mice droppings and dead mice everywhere. Jesus Venny, that's fucking gross. Ok, fine, maybe I spoke too soon, but that doesn't mean that the DOH aren't still a bunch of assholes.


  • The goons at DOH (and mental hygiene??) are really out of control!! What can we as the eating and dining public do to STOP them?

    Crusty the CLown on

  • i’m a union musician, played in the city since the 70s. every restaurant/bakery/catering hall has that problem. you’ve never seen filth until you’ve been in the kitchen at “tavern on the green”.

    Anonymous on

  • No, you’re not crazy. Don’t get me started on this hygiene-o-fascism mania that has swept our country – I could go on and on about anti-bacterial soap, and the rest of it… Where does it all end? Is the logical conclusion that we will ultimately live like bubble boys – a thin layer of plastic between us and the filthy wilderness?

    Chocolate covered mouse droppings are kinda gross though.

    crusty the clown on

  • CRUSTY!!! long time no comment. thanks for hating on the DOH with me- sometimes i feel like i’m the only one who thinks they are totally out to destroy the NYC eating scene. so i’m not crazy, right?

    kayoko on

  • oh god, those anti-bacterial gels. don’t even get me started.

    omg Tavern on the Green, i can only imagine! Erin Gleeson, the photographer, actually used to work there- any insight into the filth at TOTG, Er?

    This notion of “safe food” came up on this week’s chat with Amy. i would say that it’s all very subjective- everyone has their own threshold for what’s ‘safe’ for them. there are def times when i wince, but need to bear it for the love of the food.

    but at the end of the day, i would rather get my guac at the hole in the wall for a few dollars, than pay $15 for some guy to make it in front of me at some fancy mexican place with nice linens. i just don’t understand how reasonable people rationalize that.

    but yeah, as much as the DOH sucks, dead mice is not ok. i need to draw the line somewhere, and this is the one time i will say- you actually did your job, DOH.

    kayoko on

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