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NY's first kaiten sushi (sushi on a conveyer belt) will be opening any day now. Until yesterday, the windows were still covered- a guy (a partner/owner?) saw me peeking through the paper and invited me in to check out the space. When I asked if I could take pictures, they declined.

But looky looky- here it is today! Basically, there are only boothes for seating, and a conveyer belt will transport sushi round and round on each side of the tables. Midtown Lunch got a lucky demonstration last week, and it looks like you can order more food off the LCD screens. WOO HOO!!!

The guy yesterday told me that it will open TONIGHT- but that is yet to be determined. As their phone voice recording says, they are closed to the public this week. The guy urged me to come on Tuesday though-- he said by then, everything should be perfectly ready to go.

Sakae, NYers have been patiently waiting for months. Hurry and open already!

*CORRECTION from Marc W.: Sakae Sushi isn't NY's first kaiten spot. One of the East empire's locations, on Second Ave in the 30s, I think, has had kaiten in the back for quite a while. Course, the sushi is only mediocre there.

Sakae Sushi
405 Lexington Ave at 43rd St
T: 877-725-2387


  • hahaha I agree with Yoko. I love conveyor belt sushi! I love gimmicks they totally work on me!

    Sonja on

  • oooohhh I love the voyeuristic photography here.

    yoko on

  • i get so nervous taking these kind of secret shots! hence the bad photo with my reflection in the window.

    am going for lunch this week- will let you know how it was!

    kayoko on

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