My good friend Maria and I were talking about rituals the other night, which got me to thinking about eating rituals. Whether it's picking up a cup of coffee every morning from your corner street cart, or going to your favorite restaurant on paydays, it's these rituals in our daily lives that give us something to look forward to. Seemingly mundane, but very important.

I have this thing: in the summer, I spend much of my allowance on little containers of watermelon. I love walking around the city in the blazing sun, chomping on these big chunks of hotpinkness with a plastic fork. I'll never buy a whole, or quartered watermelon. It's gotta be individually packaged and cubed, just for me.

I buy a container, without fail, at my corner grocer almost every night on my way home, no matter what time it is, and usually finish it by the time I get home. I got one last night at midnight, and got a few "can I have a piece of your watermelon?" one-liners.

Um, I don't think so. Hands off of my watermelon!

What are your eating rituals?


  • Right now I am addicted to red bean pops! And every night I make a banana smoothie with frozen bananas, orange juice, non fat plain yogurt, and honey.

    eat me outta here! on

  • I am fucking addicted to garlic knots. I’ll try them from any pizzeria, but my favorite so far are the ones closest to my house, Caruso on Smith Street. Whenever I walk in, they know what I want. “Hey, Garlic Knots!” Six for a dollar, I get three dollar’s worth and a large root beer for $4.75. Greasy and garlicky. At this place, they roll the knots in butter and oil and bits of garlic and parsley right before they put ‘em in a cast-iron skillet and put them in the oven to heat. Delicious, the bag is translucent by the time I get it home. Sometimes there are some left an hour later, sometimes their aren’t. Good times.

    amy ann on

  • seedless watermelons are totally martian, i agree. very very strange. like who decided to genetically remove all the seeds? do people not have better things to ponder about than visions of seedless watermelons???

    ROOT BEER and garlic knots! sounds like the best combo, def. when i was in high school, my bff and i would go to our local Frosty Freeze (now closed) and i would always get a root beer float. good times.

    where can i get red bean pops? although they would just melt by the time i got home.

    kayoko on

  • I do the same thing with pineapples. But somehow, for me, part of the satisfaction of eating watermelon is the slurpy drippy face-stuffing stickiness that can only be gotten from cutting it up yourself into big pyramid slices.

    And I’m torn between loving and hating the ubiquitous “seedless” watermelons. A whole generation of kids are growing up not knowing how to spit watermelon seeds. A cryin’ shame in my book. Seedless watermelons are like the velcro of the food world.

    tmonkey on

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