Sake Gumi
That's it, I'm hooked. The pizza's amazing, but the best thing about a trip to Di Fara in Brooklyn is to visit the divey little joint and watch the one and only man who is responsible for these glorious slices in action. Domenico De Marco, a small little floury man from Naples, makes all the pizza himself and even rings you up. He has raw crusty pizza dough up to his elbows and happily cuts fresh basil with scissors over each and every big bubbling pie. As we walked out the door with smiles he yelled, "Grazie! Buonanotte! Ritornate!" and went back to grating his undoubtedly imported cheese. Oh, don't worry- we'll be back!


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  • ok, must go to Di Fara’s NOW. this is a great movie er!

    kayoko on

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