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Wedding Cake Perfection - Trial 1
Wedding Cake Perfection - Trials 2 & 3
Wedding Cake Perfection - Trial 4

I was going to practice piping last weekend, but it's kind of useless doing it on a flat surface. The difficulty of piping lies in the fact that you mostly pipe on sides. As I said before, it's a very awkward position since I don't have any of the real cake baking equipments.

For the pattern, I decided to make a basket weave. Since it's a strawberry shortcake, I think the pattern will look nice. In order to perfect everything, I baked the cake again. This time, I totally forgot to add butter to the batter. Just about 2 hours after I baked the cake, I opened the microwave and found butter melted, unused... Oh well, I brushed extra syrup to avoid being too dry, so it was fine...

I found this pattern on one of Martha's wedding magazines that my friend Christy gave me for reference. Martha's version had a lot more intricate patterns, but I will just stick to regular basket weave.

Because the trials are just trials, I didn't put too much effort in leveling and perfecting the corners. It also is impossible perfecting the corner being both the cake and cream light. I just wanted to see if I can really pull off basket weaving the entire cake, and how long it might take. I have to dress the bride, make the bouquet and boutonniere so I really have to time the day wisely.

Sunday morning, a colleague of mine, Chris delivered ingredients from Costco. When you make anything bulk, Costco is the best place! Thanks Chris!

4lbs of butter for $5!!!!! (not that I need all of them, but the minimum lot is 4lb, and it is $5 for 1 lb at regular stores, so it's such a bargain!)

7 qt of heavy cream.

76 eggs.

Am I ready for the big day? I hope so. If things don't go too well, I will intentionally drop the box right before going into the restaurant and blame Chinatown pavement.

This is the master plan.

Crack of dawn: Go buy flowers for bouquet, then go buy strawberries.
10 am - Kayoko and Ryo will arrive to measure all the dry ingredients and cut strawberries
10:30 am - start baking cake 1
11:00 am - bake cake 2
11:30 am - bake cake 3
12:00 - bake cake 4
12:30 pm - bake cake 5
1:00 pm - bake cake 6
1:30 pm - bake cake 7
2:00 pm - leave apt to get haircut
4:30 pm- bake cake 8
5:00 pm - bake cake 9
5:30 pm - bake cake 10
6:00 pm- start assembling the cake (I will only do layering part)
7:30 - practice dressing kimono
10:00 - party among helpers or pass out from fatigue

8:00 am- cream the cake, then start piping
10:00 am- have a nervous breakdown
12:00 - almost done
1:00 pm - cake complete, otherwise, I will have another breakdown
2:00 pm - make up and hair for bride (My apt is used as bridal suite, aside from cake baking)
3:00 pm - start dressing bride
4:00 pm - car picks us up
4:30 pm - arrival at restaurant
4:50 pm - place cake, and have first shot of the evening

Wow, I am overwhelmed...


  • Unbelievable schedule you have!

    fuminatto on

  • OMG, this is an insane schedule. I imagine you’ll be having a well-deserved drink at 4:51pm on Saturday.

    yoko on

  • The basket weave looks great!

    You neglected to mention how you are going to move the cake around. It’s stressing me out and I’m not even involved. Try not to turn the cake over onto the bride, OK?

    Jones on

  • all i have to say is that you are an AMAZING friend… really. well, that and the basket weave looks great!

    kayce. on

  • I cannot wait to see the results, we will all be sending you lots of baking love day of!! goodluck!!!

    tomotron on

  • Thank you for all of your support. I couldn’t sleep last night, and I am starting the first batch in an hour. Kayoko will document my tear, swear and despair.

    Yamahomo on

  • Gambare Yamahomo! You can do it!

    kiwa on

  • How did you basket weave so well???? You are so inspiring! I would LOVE to bake a wedding cake one day :) GO GO GO! You can do it!

    Ambitious on

  • As you can prolly tell, that’s Yamahomo above, not me. He hacked into my account, that jerk. Kidding- I was logged into his computer.

    It was an incredible ride, from start to finish. Yamahomo will tell you all about it… in retrospect, it was worth every moment.

    GAYS OF CAKES will debut soon, prolly mid- April. xx

    kayoko on

  • Real post is coming soon, but I have finished baking 11 cakes, stuffed cream and strawberries and they are in the fridge now. Tomorrow morning, early, I will start assembling. Kayoko will be there to document every process…

    kayoko on

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