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Wedding Cake Perfection - Trial 1
Wedding Cake Perfection - Trials 2 & 3

Seriously I am getting sick of this. I am usually a perfectionist when it comes to cooking/baking, but the smell of whipped cream is bothering me and worrying about overmixing the batter is giving me nightmares. Why? What was I thinking when I said, "Sure, I will bake your wedding cake!" With these posts on the cake, the pressure is getting higher, and I MUST pull this off without a hitch. My reputation for being a great cook/baker must not be ruined after this. I will perfect this, I will not give up.

I went out until 4am both Friday and Saturday nights, and both my physical and mental health were damaged. I tried poll dancing and totally fell on the floor, with bruises everywhere... After all, I am not in my 20s any more, and dancing my ass off until I get kicked out of a place or can't see straight is simply not acceptable.

Sunday afternoon, I dragged my hungover body to meet up with the Ayagwa and Tmonkey and other helpers at the restaurant where the reception will be held, and discussed details with Sam the manager. Though Tmonkey talked with him and changed the time of the reception 2 weeks ago, in the reservation book, it still said 2-5pm, which was a little bit scary since it's 2 weeks away, and what if the restaurant can't accommodate us?! All of us were shocked, (I was like, holy shit, this is a disaster!) and a bit of silence followed. Then Sam called his people, and settled the matter. Thank God! Wedding is still a go as scheduled.

Luckily I baked the cake on Saturday, and it came out pretty well. This time, I made it on a cookie sheet, which I will use for the big day. I also had a little catering business to deliver for today, so I quickly made catering food, then moved onto cake assembling.

Same method, whipped cream with gelatin. Everything came out pretty well. The cake is very soft and crumby. I think crumb coat first will be ideal, but I don't have an industrial-size fridge, so I will have to do the whole process on the morning of the wedding. As I mentioned in the last post, it will be very difficult to have a very smooth surface using whipped cream, I will need to cover it up with piping.

Piping is not an easy task. You definitely need some skills here. Especially for the sides, it's weird angle to pipe. Your hands get tired, and even for this small cake, it took me a while to cover up. Also it's hard to make a straight line, especially when I was still hungover from the night before.

I used round and flat tips this time.

I like how flat tip gives a sort of brick ish effect. Though I only went straight across, I think I will do both vertical and horizontal lines. You can't put too much pressure on it, cause it will not come out as smooth, but if you don't put any pressure on it at all, it won't stick to the surface. It's a very delicate process. And sometimes during these repetitions, my impatience kicks in, and I become careless. How can I keep concentrated for more than 5 minutes? Should I take Ritalin? Does anyone have any?

I need to go to a book store and get some ideas about different shapes of piping technique. These are fine, but I feel it's too ordinary. Maybe I will go buy some cheesy figurines at the cake shop to place on top. I won't go into messing with sugar paste to create Tmonkey or Ayagwa. Maybe I will get an edible picture and put that on top? That will save me time to pipe.

NO Yamahomo, you must make a smashing good looking cake. Not cheesy crap... The road to perfection continues. Wait, I only have one more weekend to practice. I will have to do a piping session this weekend. The day is coming in 2 weeks. Holy shit...

I know it tastes good though. To avoid dry cake, I made simple syrup, added a bit of rum and brushed on the cake before creaming so everything is extra moist and yummy. I know it's important to look good just like us humans, but heart and the intention counts too right? I am a totally superficial person and judge everything by the appearance, though... Yeah, I have no choice but making this the most perfect looking cake EVER!


  • You are amazing. Just think, after this, you can become the premiere Japanese Strawberry Wedding Shortcake expert. Don’t advertise too heavily. The demand will wear you out.

    yoko on

  • GO! GO! (yama)HO! MO!

    kayoko on

  • yoko is sooo right: you will be an expert by the time the wedding comes along, LOL.

    do you have a basket weave piping tip? it takes time – which sucks – but it covers a multitude of sins and then the cake will look like a basket for the strawberries! :))

    damn, i wish i could have a bite!

    kayce. on

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