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As a welcome gesture, my dear newly-wed friends Vanessa and Payman decided to throw me a "Welcome to Brooklyn" Party. Let me tell you- these 2 really know how to entertain! (And they got a chance to try out all those wedding gifts). They had quite a spread prepared- all Brooklyn inspired fare. Our friend went out around 9pm to pick up a couple pies at Di Fara's, and they were so busy that the poor thing didn't return until 3 hours later....but she had with her the MOST amazing pizza. This stuff put Grimaldi's to shame!

Payman had a full service bar going. Drink specials were posted on the board and my favorite was the "Brooklyn Cocktail" - a mix of Old Forrester, Dry Vermouth, Maraschino and Angostura.

But that was just the beginning....after several Nathan's hotdogs, a Brooklyn Lager or 2, and lots of dipping in the chocolate fountain, I was officially sworn in as a Brooklyn-ite. Thanks, Vanessa & Payman! I look forward to more eating and drinking together in my new borough.



  • Welcome to Brooklyn Erin! I love the black and white pic you took of me…I did not even know that pic was taken. It was great meeting you! Enjoy Brooklyn :)

    Danalee on

  • i have been trying to get this girl to make the great leap across the east river for YEARS. it is ABOUT TIME!!! welcome Er! Prospect Park, Farmer’s Market at Grand Army Plaza and the Brooklyn Library is the perfect trifecta. here’s to good times and new memories!

    kayoko on

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