Ever find yourself tossing and turning at night wondering what Danish babies like to eat?... Well, me neither.

Nevertheless, I had the priviledge to find out on Saturday when I attended Ernst's third birthday party. This Danish baby threw his birthday party for brunch. Just like us, Danish babies invite their friends and family members into their homes. Sometimes they get mom to cater their parties. Because they hold their parties for brunch, light foods such as breads and cakes are served buffet style.

Ernst turns three and gets a birthday present.

Ernst's birthday cake

Danish babies are very proud of being Danish and seem to decorate many of their foods with their national flag. In fact, even the dinner napkins were printed with Danish flags.

Fresh-baked bread

Chocolate cake (center) amongst the rest of the spread. Note the Danish flag patterned dinner napkins on the bottom right of the image.


I really loved the assortment of fresh-baked breads and cakes, enough that I really wouldn't mind being reincarnated into a Danish baby in the next life. The homemade berry jam, cheeses and butter were exquisite.

Homemade berry jam and wheat bread

Spreadable cheese on wheat bread

Danish babies are also quite easy going and pose for pictures.

Ernst's friend, dressed to impress.

Ernst's younger brother, Roman.



  • Yeah I actually liked these babites. They were in a good mood the whole time and very well-dressed.

    yoko on

  • ahhhh so cute!! i wouldn’t mind being reincarnated as a danish baby either come to think of it ^^

    Gina on

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