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Went over to Aya and Tmonkey's place last night for cocktails on their astroturf rooftop and delicous grapefruit fennel steak salad. We were lying like comatose whales on the living room floor flipping through the iTV when we unanimously decided that we were all craving TAMPOPO. YAH!

Do you all remember the first time you saw TAMPOPO? I do. My parents took me and my brother to an art house movie theater in Palo Alto. It was 1986, which means I was 6 and Kid Skwid was 3. Um, considering that the film has some of the most erotic sex scenes in film history (I say this with certainty), this was a bit awkward, wasn't it K? The part where the live shrimp are dancing on the ass-naked woman's stomach is admittedly a bit traumatizing for a 3 year old, and even a 6 year old- but I've always been a pervert, no doubt.

We watched this last night for the first time in years, recalling scenes, shouting them out, giggling like silly school children, keeping our stomachs growling, as director Juzo Itami unfolded his stories layer by layer, enchanting us with his oddball characters and very human philosophies. He was a truthseeker- taking us through the meaning of life through the meaning of food.

So I ask: what's your favorite TAMPOPO scene? The hot egg yolk mouth to mouth? The grandma who has a soft-food thumbing obsession? Clandestine omu-rice cooking? The lowly assistant who schools his superiors at a fancy French restaurant? The oyster Lolita? Spaghetti ramen slurping? Caressing your noodles and watching your pork lovingly as you slurp? The old man choking on his mochi? Mama's last supper of friend rice? And on.

Let's vote! Here are my top 3 (you're not going to make me choose just one, are you? Ugh, so hard!)



  • Definitely the gangster (Koji Yakusho) cutting his lip on the oyster shell and the oyster-diver girl licking it off!

    ayagwa on

  • I just rewatched this and it was so much better this time! There’s so many nasty but hilarious scenes…I was going to say egg yolk because that makes me vomit but the granny is the best because she is so creepy looking.

    Sonja on

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