Sonja and I went to a party to launch a new line of trendy sakes. It was an expansive collection of really bad Asian stereotypes rolled into one event. There was even a KOTO player! How hilarious is that???

This above is an ICE SCULPTURE of the BUDDHA. Is it just me, or is this SO 80s??? We asked the party guy who guesstimated that it was at least $400. Oh, and you thought we were in a recession???

And here I thought the ice cubes at Hotel del Mano were impressive. Silly me.

Apparently, Buddha is now a 21st Century pop superstar! Let's be real- JT's got nothing on this guy. Although an ice sculpture of Justin would be AWESOME. Now, there's a party I would go to.

Buddha vs. Justin: DANCE-OFF!


  • omg GROW JESUS!

    i’m dying.

    or hologrammed jesus? the one where he looks normal in one light, and he’s all bloody in another?

    ok, enough about jesus, although i love him too.

    WWBD? what would Buddha do? we need to copyright that pronto and get it monogrammed on women’s panties.

    kayoko on

  • It’s nice to see that Buddha has become kitschy just like Jesus.

    Those sake bottles look like shampoo.

    yoko on

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