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In the spirit of missing Kanitra, I'm continuing her column w(h)ine-o. I'm not qualified to talk about wine the way she does, but I can at least show you pictures of what I'm drinking these days.

When it's hot out, you gotta go for the pink stuff. There seems to be a myriad of terms used for this genre of wine, but my favorite is "blush wine"- it reminds me of the 80s and boxed wine. Awesome.

Here's a great bottle of the blush stuff by the Italian Tuscan winery Carpineto. They call it "rosato" in Italy, which directly translated would be "what was red". It's pinked! I got this at my corner liquor store for $10.99- they've totally upgraded their wine selection, and sell all sorts of international wines for really cheap. Score for Franklin Avenue!

Rosè to me just tastes like watered down, unsweetened grape juice- which in theory, it is. This bottle is light and refreshing- it's a little too easy to drink actually. But let's be real- this column wouldn't be called what it is if it weren't true.

I must admit, I chose this bottle not only because it was cheap, but because the label is just darling. I'm such a packaging whore! Decisions are often totally dictated on the principals of aesthetics, wouldn't you say? I mean, wouldn't you pick this up if you saw it?

Let's get pinked! Get into it- summer is HERE!


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