Anniversary Sale
Just got in really late last night from a weekend in Cali. Surprised my mama for mom's day! I scored big points with that one- I expect that to override anything that would be considered bad daughter behavior for the next few years.

I'm really exhausted and I've got a busy day ahead of me, so bear with me- here's a taste of what's to come for ya'll, from this trip to the Yay Area.

The wine section at my local grocery store, Safeway. God, I like grew up at Safeway- being in NYC now, there's nothing I crave more than the grocery stores of the suburbs. The wide aisles. Sparkling cleanliness. Friendly staff. Condoms, razors and cigs behind locked glass cases.

My Cupertino Safeway has this fucking incredible wine selection- I'm in awe every time I go back:

Here they dedicate like 3 aisles to alcohol- 1 for hard liquor, and 2 aisles for wine. Imagine being able to get liquor AND wine AND beer at the grocery store! What a concept! Sidenote for non-NYers: in NY, they only sell beer at the grocery store- no wine, no liquor. It drives me crazy.

Safeway, or any grocery store really, can be pretty dreamy for wine-lovers- you can get really good California wines at a good price.

On this occasion, we came home with a bottle of Mumm champagne (yes, CHAMPAGNE, and not the "sparkling wine" that is the only stuff I can afford- gotta take advantage of dad's wallet). Also got a bottle of chardonnay from ZD Winery in Napa, that my parents are really into right now.

And for the record, California wines are THE BEST.