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New/Nice Green Bo Restaurant (NYC)

Had a chance to go see my acupuncturist in Chinatown while I was in NYC. My body is falling apart on me these days from being on my feet all day, everyday. Dr. Wu on Baxter-- he's the best!

So as is my Chinatown/Dr. Wu ritual, I went out for my XLB fix. There's nothing like soup dumplings to keep your calm after having a dozen pins pricked into your body. Usually, I go to Shanghai Cafe, but I wanted to try Nice Green Bo, as I had heard a lot about it but never tried when I lived there.

Until recently, the place was called NEW Green Bo. Now it's NICE Green Bo. See how they covered the sign? Hilarious.

New/Nice Green Bo Restaurant (NYC)

Lots of accolades.

New/Nice Green Bo Restaurant (NYC)

The place was PACKED! I was alone so was seated right away-- I love sitting next to random strangers at the big round tables, it's so New York. I shared a pot of tea with the couple next to me, it was nice. I have to say that I love going out and eating solo in NYC-- at the risk of sounding cliche, it's "liberating".

New/Nice Green Bo Restaurant (NYC)

I didn't even give the server a chance to give me the menu and ordered the pork and crab XLB right away. It's the only way to go!

New/Nice Green Bo Restaurant (NYC)

The skin was thick and held everything together without breaking apart. It's heartbreaking when the soup just collapses on you-- which is the result of dumpling skin that is not thick enough, and bad chopstick skills.

New/Nice Green Bo Restaurant (NYC)

Surprisingly, the soup was dark and more soy based, so it was more salty than what I was used to. But the crab was still moist (it has the tendency to dry out). No pork stinkiness, which is always appreciated at Chinatown joints.

New/Nice Green Bo Restaurant (NYC)

Overall, they were delicious, as far as XLB goes. I hear the scallion pancakes are awesome too, but I wanted to go get Great NY Noodletown after this so I didn't order anything else. Exercising restraint!

Also, Dr. Wu always tells me, "Stay hungry." Yessir.

Happy Year of the TIGRRRRR!

Happy New Year in Chinatown NYC

66 Bayard Street
T: 212.625.2359