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Yamahomo's super fucking expensive oven broke last night. It doesn't heat up. After making another batch of raisin-wiches, I had the exact amount of egg white left for macarons, so I decided to re-open my battle with Laduree. Complete and Utter failure, becausethe oven was 202 degrees, instead of 350.

It's like owning an expensive foreign car, once it breaks, it's a lot of money to fix it because they MUST use the authentic parts that are only manufactured in Germany. But I can't live without my oven...

Until I get Gagganeau repair man and fix the damn thing, I am out of commission...



  • start saving Yamahomo!

    kayoko on

  • Can I buy raisin-wichs when the bakery is back open? I thought it was a friend with the Gagganeau…you million dollar condo owner!!

    Sonja on

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