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What do you think? I made raisin-wiches last night. These are quite famous in Japan. The cookie is almost similar to short bread, and cream consists of Italian meringue, butter, and plump raisins. Sandwich in the decadent cream, wait for a night, and it's a damn good raisinwich.

Because of its rectangular shape, I thought wrapping it was a cute idea. So yesterday at work, I spent all afternoon coming up with my brand name. Moto's Bakery, Yama, among others popped up in my head, but nothing beat Yamahomo, my UM pen name. It might be quite offensive to some people, but Yama and Homo together sounds pretty good to me.

I tried many fonts to see which one goes the best as you can see. My plan was to use wax paper to wrap, but it totally failed because wax on wax paper rejects stickers. So I had a mini plastic bag and used it as a wrapper instead.

What I should have done was to put assembled cookies in the fridge and wait for it to get hard, then wrap it, but I was too impatient. Some of them have cream all over, but it's ok, it was my first trial.

Now I am going to talk to my friend about really designing the logo, and find more appropriate wrapping stuff. Soon, Yamahomo Brand might be available through its website (I haven't bought the URL yet, though).



  • buy the URL RIGHT NOW!!!!
    Yamahomo Brand is going to be HUGE!
    let’s put together a business proposal and find backers asap!

    kayoko on

  • Ok, everyone, form a team of experts and make Yamahomo a big success. I will give each of contributors 2%.. “Blog creating next Martha!” will be next big headline on gawker!

    Yamahomo on

  • omg, this is totally amazing! i love raisin-wichs! i know we’ve never even met, but can i market the yamahomo brand??? i’m a brand strategist after all…

    kiwa on

  • OMG, I love it!!! How about a YAMAHOMO TRUCK?? I can see you now making your way through Manhattan in a big huge truck! I can help with PR — I think I still have a few skillz left. :)

    Hamamama on

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