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You saw them, they were lobster rolls. No, it should have been said "shit load of lobster meat on a hot dog bun." There should be a clear indication of how lobster rolls are being served. They had lobster bisque with or without meat, so lobster rolls should have had a choice of "as is" or "with flavor".

As everyone said, first it was very amazing, the amount of lobster meat was so much, and it was cooked just right. But after a couple of bites, everyone was like "um, this is boring." That says it all. Hopefully Bill will improve the way they make lobster rolls in the future- drenched in mayo might not be good (though I love mayo), but this lobster roll was the other extreme.

As Kayoko mentioned, I knew I would buy 3 lobsters for $30, so I got scallop, which was OK. Nothing to report about. What I am absolutely utterly disgusted by is, they came with Kraft packaged tartar sauce. WTF! Serving store bought tartar sauce is one thing, but this is not McDonald's or other fast food chains. I paid $20 for dinky scallops, and they came with packaged tartar sauce. I don't accept that.

Please at least put into a mini cup so that it doesn't offend fussy customers like me. I know you have TGI Friday and Cold Stone's Creamery next to your place, but don't get too carried away by them. They can serve Kraft crap, but you shouldn't. Your marinara dipping sauce for fried zucchini might be store bought, but at least you had a decency to disguise it as if it were home made. I was in Maine in July, where everything was homemade- lobsters, scallops, shrimp and clams were picked in the back, tartar sauce was made in front of customers. I would like to see that.

I think that was constructive criticism, don't you think?

So I brought 3 lobsters, totally hot off the steamer. Unlike my "Killing a Lobster, or Myself" post, these were rather small (by the way, small lobsters are called chicks. How cute!). Of course, I have paid close to $80 from Chelsea Market for the big guys, so the $30 deal is incomparable. When I got home, I started cracking them. Shells were pretty soft, so it wasn't hard to take the meat out.

To my surprise and disgust, it was basically the amount of 1 lobster roll, from 3 FUCKING WHOLE LOBSTERS! I was thinking about making lobster ravioli, and lobster salad (to make my own version of it). But it was too little to make anything.

This is not from one lobster, but from 3 lobsters. Very disappointed by the volume...

I have to say, though, the meat was steamed just right, totally moist and juicy. Even the guts l

ooked so fresh that I made stock out of lobster carcass. After boiling for 30 minutes, I added miso into the soup, and it became a very oceany miso soup.

I decided to make lobster sushi roll with the meat. Since the meat was totally delicious, I didn't mix it with anything. I just rolled them with sushi rice.

I think this was the smartest idea. Very yummy. How luxurious does this look?!

Lobster is tricky. You never know how much meat it contains until you crack them open. It's like a lady's bra. Some are totally full, others are totally padded, until you crack it open, you don't know how big they are. Also unless you are a Japanese who eats guts, the actual edible part is pretty small. That's why they are expensive.

If I ever go back to Jordan's, I will make sure to take a car from the station. It was TOOOO far.

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  • One reason why a roll has so much meat is a restaurant quickly boils all lobsters that die and picks the meat—at least, that’s what my friend’s dad does who owns a restaurant in the Hamptons does. The meat’s still good that way, and they don’t really lose as much money. They can’t sell a dead lobster at all, but they can sell a live lobster for way more than they can a roll. I hope that made sense. I’m still not justifying any of this, just adding some knowledge I picked up recently.

    amy ann on

  • I knew you would have something to say, Yamahomo!! You were too quiet for too long. Did it feel good to let it all out?

    However, what do you know about women’s bras??? :)

    Hamamama on

  • I love boobs. Some have bras that barely hold their flesh, and jiggly-ness is so fun when poked, but sometimes my finger sinks into their bra, which means they are padded. I am talking from my experience.

    Yamahomo on

  • OMG i have to join the chorus of women asking “What the hell do you know about lady’s bras??”

    ayagwa on

  • yamaHOMO talking about lady’s bra………very strange….

    fuminatto on

  • i’ve recently gotten into padded bras. they do wonders for your shape. not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it’s great for boobage.

    kayoko on

  • ayagwa always has excellent nipple action. her boobies are so free flowing! great boobs, this girl.

    kayoko on

  • Actually I don’t even wear a bra so I guess Yamahomo would know more about lady’s bras than me…

    ayagwa on

  • sorry dude, didn’t mean to offend.

    kayoko on

  • OMG you are talking about my boobs in internet public?! That’s crossing the line.

    ayagwa on

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