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The time has come. Yoko is on a plane, right at this very moment, floating above the Pacific, nonstop NRT --> SFO.

Zoom! Blam! Pow! For --> Ever.

Let me be the first in the umamisphere to welcome Yoko and her wonderful husband Washi to AMERICA. Yoko needs no introduction to the Bay Area as she grew up here, right down the street from me in fact. She moved to Tokyo three years ago, where she took care of her father, slaved away at a ginormous ad agency, met the love of her life, married the love of her life, and ate her way through Tokyo. Beyond.

Tokyo has been a pivotal stopover in the colorful map of Yoko's life, but the time has come. No more dilly-dallying-- it's the end of an era. She's OURS now!!!

Yoko, you are Our Queen To Be (Completely free from infection/ To be used at our discretion). HA! Let's tear shit up!


  • Welcome to America! Yes, a trip to Queens would be an excellent idea! Kayoko would make a good companion, especially if you two get robbed whilst dining at a McDowell's.

    Paystyle on

  • Welcome back, Yoko! In the spirit of "Coming to America" you and Kayoko will have to visit NYC (specifically Queens) soon! Kayoko can be Arsenio to your Eddie.

    kiwa on

  • Thanks for the warm welcome! In fact, I exposed my husband to the all-American experience of going to the DMV right after we arrived. Kayoko — we are gonna TEAR up the bay area. Yoroshiku!

    yoko on

  • Wait, why do I have to be Arsenio??? NO FAIR!

    kayoko on


    God the DMV, are you crazy?? Oh dear, poor Washi. I hope he doesn't hate us! Wait till I take him to the post office in Brooklyn- that's the best of the best in American customer service.

    First order of business in the Bay Area re Tearing It UP: Lifting the ban on smoking cigarettes in restaurants and bars.

    Totally doable.

    kayoko on

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