Yokohama Shumai Cheetos

Last weekend I moved to a new apartment with my boyfriend. To properly celebrate our cohabitation I invited fellow Umamimarter June to our home last night. After picking June up at the nearest train station, we stopped by 7-11 to stock up on the night's booze and munchies. After selecting our spirits, we were tempted by the munchies aisle and scanned the entire section for the best pick. And there it was staring at us like a bag of munchies would at a 7-11: Yokohama Shumai Cheetos!!!

The Cheetos didn't taste like shumai. It kind of tasted like if you dusted nude Cheetos with the powdered soup packet that comes with Maruchan instant ramen (which is what most all Japanese packaged foods taste like). But that is not to say that this purchase was totally not worth it. Quite the contrary, just look at the rocking packaging design (above).

Not only are these shumai flavored, they narrow it down to regional shumai from Yokohama city! Cheetos is really exercising their authenticity muscle. I think the target market here are 15 year-old boys who live in Tokyo who take their dates to the romantic port city of Yokohama - "Remember, when we shared that one shumai like those two dogs in that Disney movie?" ... or 15 year-old boys who live in Tokyo who have a fetish for Chinese and American junk fusion cuisine. I think June and I fit closer into the latter category.

Yokohama Shumai Cheetos

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  • HILARIOUS!!! Kinda nasty! But I am so curious…

    kayoko on

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