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...when Tsukiji is bubbling over with them.

To check out what's in season, or to simply when I feel like salivating profusely, I walk around Tsukiji on my lunch break. Today I found crabs: short-legged ones, long-legged ones, hairy-legged ones, white ones, red ones, ones in a tank, and buggy-eyed ones.

Unfortunately, I can not buy a crab on my lunch break because stuffing a crab in the office refrigerator would most likely be a fridge faux pas. Too bad.

So I took some pictures instead so you guys can salivate along with me.


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  • we actually had awesome steamed crab at my place recently too!!! the meat is so juicy and the brain, my favorite, was really delicious.

    we got the crab alive at Ranch 99, which are better than the crab at Tin Tin, in Cupertino.

    kayoko on

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