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Over the weekend, I spent some time in Nikko which is about three hours away from Tokyo. Most people go for the gaudy shrines - wooden and painted in bright red and gold reflecting Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu's glory. Anyhow, the weather wasn't very agreeable - so there was nothing else to do except...EAT!

Turns out, this place is famous for yuba or tofu skin. No complaints here as this is one of my favorite foods - and within the top 5 things I miss the most when in the States.

-yoko in tokyo

Pictured top right Yuba soba - buckwheat noodles with two types of yuba - in a roll and in flat layers. Absolutely delicious as the noodles were also handmade at this shop. 700yen (about $6)!

Pictured below Yuba shabu shabu - yuba hot pot. Throw in yuba and veggies into a clay pot full of soy milk - absolutely wonderful. 2,500yen (about $20+).



  • I agree: Yum.
    I miss the way things are served and made in Japan… And the always nice service.

    Anders on

  • YUMMMMMY!!!! and super good for you too!!!

    kayoko on

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