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Met up with Kiwa for lunch at Katsuhama to get our tonkatsu on, and after a meal of fried meats and julienned cabbage, we needed something sweet. We stopped into the pseudo stylish bento place Yushi Bento Bar (think untz, untz, untz) and found these cute little cups of panna cotta for $2!

There were green tea and vanilla coconut flavors, but we opted for the black sesame (after a bout of indecisiveness). Sprinkled with black sesame seeds on top, these were the perfectly sized containers creamy goodness.

Kiwa thought the seeds were a bit stale, but overall, this is an awesome little treat if you just want a few bites of something sweet. Literally, the spoon barely fit!

After we had about 3 bites each, the panna cotta disappeared. The sticker says "low guilt indulgence"- hell yes!

Yushi Bento Bar

245 Park Ave. at 47th Street
T: 212.842.1012


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