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Zero $$ for 5 Days on Food

Sorry for the late post- I can't figure out how to add images at home computer. It ended with some weird trade off on Friday. I had what I was craving, without paying...

Breakfast - Diet Coke and coffee.

Lunch - Udon noodle with slime. This was actually very good. I love sticky slime on noodles. I am spreading this trend among fellow coworkers.

As I mentioned, I was very much craving a hamburger, so I begged Ryo to buy a hamburger and share it with me. She was nice enough to do so, and we had wonderful San Francisco burger from Elite. Why San Francisco? No idea, but it has caramelized onion and mushrooms. Is it San Francisco? New York burger has A-1 sauce. Why?

Dinner 1- I went to have beer with Christine, and we ordered mix platter of fried goodies. Chicken finger, chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks. All deep fried to perfection. She paid for it... Thanks Christine.

After this, we went to meet up with Dan in Chelsealand, and things went south from here. Chelsea bars are the best recession friend. Monday-Friday, 2 for 1 until 9pm. Also gay bars make some of the strongest drinks. I think it was around 9 when we guzzles too many drinks, bunch of people decided to go to Pongsri, a nearby Thai restaurant. I couldn't resist. I was like, 'Fuck it, I am too drunk to care about zero $$ any more'. I had pad thai.

At the bar, I met an acquaintance who I remember that I knew from somewhere, but had the hardest time remembering. It turned out we had a business meeting a couple days before. Duh. It's odd to see someone you only know through work, in a different context, ie gay bar. Anyhow, I bought her a couple of drinks and of course she didn't know it was 2 for 1. So she paid for my pad thai, saying I bought her beers. I was about to say, "But it was $6 for two", but didn't.

So I completed the whole week without spending a dime on what I ate. I could have done better, and more gourmet, and freezer still has bunch of meat, pantry doesn't look any cleaner... Is this failure? However you take it, I am just glad it's over. To make up for the loss of cooking whatever I wanted, I made hamburger Saturday, with a homemade bun, and home-grounded steak meat. Satisfaction.

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  • good job, yamahomo! it may have been painful for you, but it was entertaining to read how you were during throughout the week! congrats

    Hamamama on

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