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Zero $$ for 5 Days on Food

Monday was an easy one.

Breakfast - Diet Coke. I know it's not ideal, but every morning starts with this. When I come to work, I drink crappy Green Mountain coffee.

Lunch - pickled okra and carrots. As you might remember, I pickle vegetables in a rice bran concoction (nukazuke). I froze vegetables for the winter months, and I recently started pickling again. They make a wonderful side dish. By the way okra is similar to corn. Seeds come out as is.

Leftover stuff from the weekend. I made rotisserie chicken using my fabulous oven's rotisserie rod with a ton of leftover meat. I sort of made it into teriyaki chicken by cooking it with sugar and soy sauce.

That's the chicken on the top right. The round brown thing is a huge leftover scallop . I seared it, then added butter and soy sauce. Yummy. Next to scallop are lentils. Simply cooked it in chicken broth with onion. Finally on the bottom is corn with mayo. Florida corns are in season and they are pretty sweet.

Dinner - Okonomiyaki. I was thinking about just eating rice and natto, but wanted to be a bit more creative for umami's sake. My friend gave me a package of okonomiyaki mix. There's already dried shrimp and other goodies in it, and all you need is to add eggs and cabbage. In a normal situation, I will still add thinly sliced pork or some sea food, but I made the simplest way.

Pour okonomiyaki sauce and mayo, and easy and tasty dinner pancake is done.

Tuesday lunch preparation.

I still have left over chicken and rice, so I decided to make fried rice, Yamahomo style. Cut up onion, peppers scallion. I also had a cob of corn, so I sliced them up as well.

Fry egg, then add veggies and diced chicken. When onions are tender, add rice, scallion and corn. I usually flavor it with Chinese chicken soup base (tori gara soup), a little bit of dashi no moto (fish soup base), and white pepper. When it's done, drizzle soy sauce over it.

So far so good. I have to work till late tonight, so tomorrow's lunch preparation is challenging. Stay tuned.


  • Yamahomo -
    Your left overs are unbelievable. I don’t think I have EVER had a left over scallop! That is totally gourmet to the max. Although I guess it balances out with your totally non-gourmet breakfast…
    Congrats on a successful Day One.

    yoko on

  • that’s the biggest scallop….ever. good job on day 1…

    Hamamama on

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