Sake Gumi
I've been thinking about this challenge for a while, but I finally decided to do it this week. I am not spending a dime this week (Mon-Fri) on food. I can still go to Barney's and buy $35 pair of socks, or get wasted, but won't spend anything on food. Everything has to be cooked or microwaved at home with what I have in the fridge or pantry (above).

Luckily, I have a lot of leftovers of this and that, plus us Japanese went through rough times after the war, and I can survive with rice and natto if necessary. I am pretty confident I can do it, but it will be annoying to cook every night of this week.

Freezer filled with crap. I think I have crab cake, sausage, natto, ramen noodle, udon noodle, some chicken, some pork, ice cream..

Worst case scenario, I will just drink my sorrows away. I just stocked up with 2 cases of wine from Trader Joe's.

If I look very thin and someone wants to take me out, that's totally ok. I am not limiting like Kayoko's challenge. I also thought this would be a good way to clean my fridge and pantry without totally throwing out everything. As you can see, I desperately need to clean my fridge and pantry...

Stay tuned for the daily report.


  • I bet you will create more gourmet meals with your food in the feezer and pantry than people who go to the grocery store this week.

    Hamamama on

  • Dude you can totally do this- although I would love to see you cheat and go out for a pinkberry or something. xx

    kayoko on

  • But if someone can buy you food… then isn’t there always a way out???

    Ambitious on

  • Good luck Yamahomo! I look forward to seeing your concoctions online.

    yoko on

  • She’s got you there, darlin.

    kayoko on

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