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Zero $$ for 5 Days on Food

I hardly dream about food. I don't crave much of anything, but I am craving a burger. Or whatever greasy food it might be, I am craving it. I went to Whole Foods last night for no reason. Everything looked yummy. I was literally drooling over the food bar... I am not a starving artist who can't pay rent, so this is very weird. I guess it's human nature that when you are prohibited by doing something, you want to do it more. Or is it an addiction? I do have a tendency for addiction, but am I addicted to food? Do I need an intervention?

In a way, eating at home is very healthy since you know exactly what goes into your food, but your social life dies. I even ditched my friend for happy hour since I knew I would get drunk and end up scarfing down pizza or a burrito.

Here is the report.

Breakfast - Diet Coke and coffee.

Lunch - Arctic char/crab cake and orzo risotto. Plus a half of chicken cutlet sandwich from a deli Ryo shared with me. UN deli is great. Their chicken cutlet sandwich is very similar to what you get in Japan. I wish they used kewpie instead of Hellmans mayo though.

Dinner - As I said, I was going to go out with Dan, but he had to work, so I decided to go home and be a good boy. I didn't feel like mooching off of anyone, either... I had bunch of frozen meat, but didn't feel like going gourmet, so I just boiled udon noodle, and had my guilty pleasure noodle. Noodle + salmon furikake (rice topping) + kewpie + soysauce = heavenly easy and tasty noodle.

Lunch prep - leftover udon noodle, topped with slime. Grated mountain yam, soba noodle soup, shiso leaves, wasabi mixed together. I also have natto to mix in. Boring, but I am just trying to complete this challenge.

I am trying to swap this concoction with someone else. I want a burger, damn it! Let's see how this last day turns out.

One more day, one more day...


  • Dude, if you can actually find someone to trade their burger for that slime, you are truly the master of persuasion.

    GAMBATTE!!!! I can’t believe you’re doing it!

    kayoko on

  • otona no furikake beni jake is the one you should use.

    Yamahomo on

  • Wow, “Noodle + salmon furikake (rice topping) + kewpie + soysauce = heavenly easy and tasty noodle.”
    That’s genius. I have to try it soon. What kind of salmon furikake do you use? Like the flaked salmon in a glass bottle? Or the dried out kind?

    yoko on

  • NO MORE CHALLENGE. I am done with this shit.

    Yamahomo on

  • ok, maybe there needs to be a furikake challenge to settle this.

    yoko on

  • Otona-no-furikake is not as luxurious as it once was. I personally like my Anpanman furikake.

    kayoko on

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