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Zero $$ for 5 Days on Food

Breakfast - diet coke and coffee.

Lunch - You saw the fried rice from last night prep work. My colleagues went out and bought lunch, and I had bites of their stuff. Katsu-don (fried pork on rice), pho from Boi to go (which is absolutely midtown priced in tiny cup), and some Vietnamese noodle salad thing, plus a piece of shrimp shumai.

Dinner - my non-profit workership allows me to do 9-5 job, but when I have a program, I have to stay at work until around 9. I had a program on sex and love last night. Don't ask for any details. When I got home, I didn't feel like cooking, yet I was very hungry, so I resorted to my natto over rice scheme. I had mountain yam in the fridge, so I mixed natto and yam for extra snotty-sticky mess. Tom Colicchio would die if he saw it. I just read an article on him in the NYT Sunday Magazine and his least favorite food is okra and mountain yam because they are slimy. Tom, you are missing god given natural slimy-ness.

Tomorrow's lunch prep - I told Ryo who often benefits from my cooking and eats lunch for free (probably three days a week), to make something. So I was going to go to work without anything, but that is cheating a bit too much. I had kiriboshi daikon (sun dried daikon radish), and bean curd in the fridge. Kiriboshi daikon is a signature Japanese side dish, and I made it.

I don't like this challenge. Forcing anything is not my thing, and not being able to just hop into an izakaya near at work, nor getting a slice of pizza is making me want to have them even more!!

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