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Zero $$ for 5 Days on Food

I am hating this. I just received the new issue of Food Network magazine and it was full of burgers. I wish I had beef so that I could grind them up to make burger. I was watching TV and even a commercial for a Subway 6 foot long for $5 makes me hungry. I am determined to mooch on someone for dinner tomorrow.

Having said that, I did pretty well yesterday.

Breakfast - Diet Coke.

Lunch - Aside from my kiriboshi daikon side dish, Ryo made curry over rice. Japanese curry is awesome. You cook meat, vegges, add water, and cook them for like 15 minutes, and add blocks of curry mixture, and you are done.

Dinner - As I keep saying, I don't like to be forced to cook, especially for myself. When I am at home by myself, I often times have the most pathetic food, such as chicken nuggets, or instant ramen noodles. However, I had to kick it up a notch for this week's challenge. I had a whole fillet of arctic char in the freezer so I decided to cook it. Simply sprinkle with salt and pepper, and pan sear.

Suddenly my culinary spirit aroused, and I decided to make it into a gourmet dinner. I wanted to make some kind of risotto to go with the fish. I had orzo in pantry, and I remember Bobby Fray talking something about toasting them before cooking, and making it into a risotto like dish. So I did that.

It gives out very nice fragrant when you toast pasta. It's like making Rice-a-Roni, but more serious. After orzo becomes nicely toasted, I added chicken stock, and cooked it like risotto. Once it was almost done, I added leftover cooked rice just because I had it, then added a crap load of cheese. OMG, I am a genius. I made a cheesy risotto in like 10 minutes. Unlike regular risotto from scratch, this is easy as hell. I bet you can just mix cooked rice and chicken stock and mix in cheese and make risotto in like 2 minutes.

Arctic char looks like smaller version of salmon, but it's a lot lighter, and as people say, it tastes like somewhere in between trout and salmon. Check this out. This looks like a gourmet meal, right?!

Thursday lunch prep- I had enough arctic char, and leftover uncooked crab cake mixture from the weekend. I decided to make salmon/crab cake for lunch tomorrow. Since I had some shiso in the fridge, I added it like parsley.

Flake off char, mix it with shiso, then added leftover crab cake. I added bit more of panko, plus mayo.

The difficulty was I added too much corn when I made crab cake over the weekend, and it was hard to keep the shape.

But thanks to the char, it was stable enough to keep the shape. This looks pretty tasty, right?

So let's say, I will mooch on someone for tonight's dinner. What am I going to do for Friday's lunch and dinner? Shit. I was planning to go to happy hour this evening, but I might have to cut it short and go home and cook something for tomorrow's lunch.

Can I bail out on this?


  • I like that you have a specialized plastic cutting mat for poultry, but you use it for everything: chicken, fish, veggies, wedding cakes…

    The char-cakes look delectable! Good idea.

    Jones on

  • Connie Chung, you are amazing…I cant believe you even garnished your arctic char! So impressive.

    Hamamama on

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