Sake Gumi

Custom-sculpted ice can make a cocktail. Not only does it look really cool to crack ice to order, but the size and consistency of the cubes or balls can really affect the flavor and temperature of a drink. A large block melts slower and will keep a drink at a consistent cool, but not too cold temperature, while ice crushed into smaller pieces quickly cools and waters down drinks. Ice matters!

This hefty, handsome Anvil Ice Pick by Yamachu is a wonderful 2-in-1 tool. The sharp tip allows for precise ice-sculpting, while the heavy hammer-like end cracks blocks of ice like a dream! 

Ice at Prizefighter from Umami Mart on Vimeo.



  • Dimensions: 7"L (Handle and anvil 4"L; Stainless steel prong 3"L), anvil 2.25"W
  • Material: Stainless steel and mahogany wood
  • Made in Japan