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Perfect for dinner parties and get togethers, we've put together this little two-pack of one shochu and one awamori in service of those wishing to enjoy a bit of the apertif or amaro experience in a different spirit genre. Both of these drinks are diluted at the distillery to be essentially ready to drink from the bottle, but you can alter them as you see fit! Both are great candidates for chilling directly in the fridge and sipping from a wine glass, or enjoyed on the rocks. They're both smooth as heck, very easy to drink, and are quite different in their profiles. We hope you enjoy!

Kappa no Sasoi Mizu Sweet Potato Shochu

Made with purple sweet potatoes and white koji, Kappa no Sasoi Mizu is distilled at a low temperature and diluted to a low ABV for effortless sipping. We like to chill it and enjoy from a wine glass, or drink it on the rocks - it doesn't need water! On the nose we get an interesting array of grapefruit and calamata olive with a satisfying yet not-too-overwhelming finish of brownie ice cream... Sound interesting? It is, you should try it. 

Mizuho Awamori

What we love about awamori is its unique aroma, thanks to the liberal use of black koji – this bottle exemplifies this greatly with notes of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, rice candy, and butterscotch, yet the palate remains crisp. We dare you to open this bottle and not finish it in one night! Recommended chilled, warmed, or on the rocks.

    Low ABV Sipper Pack Features: