Sake Gumi

Now that we're a proper bottle shop, we can finally sell real deal mirin (sweet cooking sake). Although it's a very common Japanese seasoning ingredient, most mirin you buy in grocery stores is cheaply made, barely contains alcohol, and is mostly just sake-flavored high-fructose corn syrup. Takara Mirin is made with premium rice and has a 12% ABV. If you've been cooking with supermarket mirin, give Takara a try – you may never go back to the cheap stuff again!


  • 25.4 fl oz (751ml)
  • Brewed in Berkeley, CA
  • 12% ALC/VOL
Please note: We are presently only able to deliver alcoholic products to AK, CA, DC, ID, MO, ND, NV, NM, OR, VA, and WY.