Add some serious flair to your home coffee setup with the Kissaten Gift Set! 

Including everything you'll need to make amazing hand-drip at home, the set comes with a dripper, collar, filters, a charming coffee-spangled tenugui (perfect as a kitchen towel) and our durable Seamless Plain Mixing Glass as a beaker for your brewing. The only thing missing for your kissaten is pizza toast and some good albums. We trust you'll be able to make that happen in short order.

A kissaten is a type of Japanese coffeehouse which was at the height of its popularity in the Showa era (mid-20th century to 1989) but still exist all across cities in Japan; these cafes can be cavernous or quaint, often decked out in European stylings, and almost always offer hand-dripped coffee drinks in addition to Japanese cafe desserts and yoshoku (western cuisine)-inspired dishes, like Pasta Napoletan.

To see these products in action, reserve your ticket to the Umami Mart Kissaten! After lots of practice making good coffee for yourself, it's a special treat to have someone else do it for you while you relax.