This item is on sale and will expire February 2022.

A box of instant sauce packets for Toriniku to Tamanegi no Amazuan, or sweet and sour chicken and onion. All you need for this recipe is yellow onion, chicken thigh, potato starch, and shimeji mushrooms. 

Chop your ingredients according to the drawings on the box, roll the chicken in potato starch and sautee in oil til it starts to brown, add the onions and mushrooms, sautee together until the chicken is cooked, and turn off the heat. Then, mix in the sauce, turn the heat back up and mix well until thoroughly mixed. You are now ready to plate and eat! Serve this with freshly cooked rice. 


  • Net Wt: 3.52 oz (100 g)
  • Material: Cardboard box, 3 packets
  • Made in Japan