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Drop one of these bags into a quart or liter of water for a cold, refreshing, caffeine-free mugicha (barley tea). Each box comes with 16 bags.

Growing up in Cupertino, mugicha is something Yoko's mom would always have on the ready, in the fridge. After a long bike ride around the neighborhood with friends, mugicha on ice was a thirst quencher that signaled the summer. 

Mugicha has a roasted, nutty, smoky flavor with a slight flavor of caramel. There is no need to add sugar, and there's no caffeine, making it a perfect substitute for sugary sodas and juices. Mugicha is rich in vitamins, and antioxidants. It is said to help prevent diabetes and lower cholesterol.


  • 16 tea bags (each tea bag makes 1 quart or liter of tea)
  • Ingredients: Roasted barley
  • Made in Japan