Anniversary Sale

There is rarely a good substitute for a hot bowl of noodles at a ramen-ya. Having all of our favorite ramen shops closed for dine-in is especially hard. Okinawa Soba is particularly niche, and not overly common at restaurants to begin with, except for those with Okinawan flair like Tenma in San Jose. 

We did, however, manage to find some Okinawa Soba from the "instant" end of the spectrum, and we enjoy them a lot. The noodles are nice and chewy, and the pork/dashi broth pack has extracts of tuna, salmon, bonita, and mackerel. 

Top with menma (pickled bamboo shoots) and chashu pork and you are ready to curl up at home with an Orion!


  • Capacity: 8.8oz
  • Packing: Dried noodles in plastic bag
  • Made in Japan