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Haku Mizunara Whisky Barrel Aged Shoyu is a 2 year-old soy sauce that is further aged for 13 months in Japanese whisky barrels made from that same Mizunara (Japanese Oak) hard wood. This is a mellow, slightly sweet shoyu – perfect for dipping steak and maguro.

All Haku shoyu are made in Kyoto by masters of the craft using age-old techniques. HakuΒ Mizunara Whisky Barrel Aged ShoyuΒ is produced using the 250-year-oldΒ mushiro kojiΒ method, a time- and labor-intensive fermentation process that makes the finest soy sauce.Β Haku has been producing shoyu for many generations and follow strict ancestral methods passed down through the generations.Β These ain't your all-purpose red-top Kikkoman!


  • Capacity:Β 12.6 oz (375ml)
  • Material: Glass bottle with cork and plastic lid
  • Made in Kyoto, Japan