Sake + Shochu Talk

Spirit, sugar, water, bitters – these are the main components of pre-Prohibition era cocktails. The Old Fashioned, one of the oldest cocktails in history (if not the oldest), is a true embodiment of this formula, simply consisting of whisky, sugar, bitters, and ice.

Give the good ol' Old Fashioned a Japanese twist with this super luxe gift set, complete with all the ingredients and tools you need: Diamond Cut Mixing glass for building, Trident Barspoon for stirring, and Spherical Ice Tray that make the perfect ice ball. Sip away in our timeless Hard Strong Diamond Cut Rocks Glasses.

Akashi White Oak Malt & Grain is a Japanese whisky blended in the Scotch tradition. The malt is lightly peated, and aged for three years in ex-bourbon barrels, then another two years in new Mizunara oak. The nose is fruity, with apricots and dried fruits, and a shy note of honey. 

Spicy, exotic, and mysterious, Forbidden Bitters by Los Angeles-based Miracle Mile Bitters Co. is founded on traditional herbal aromatic bitters, and is most akin to Angostura bitters. Bold, flavorful, and earthy, it combines zedoary, angelica root, galangal, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, and cardamom. 

This Gum Syrup from Berkeley-based Small Hand Foods, is made by bartender, Jennifer Colliau! Also known by its French spelling gomme, this is a rich syrup made with gum arabic, a resin from the Acacia tree. Back in the day, gum syrup was commonly used to sweeten cocktails, as well as adding a silky viscosity, richer mouthfeel, and weightier texture to cocktails.

For some history on the Old Fashioned and the recipe, click here.