Anniversary Sale

Pamper yourself with a bottle of Den sake and a special bar of soap made in San Francisco, with sake lees from the brewery.

Den Sake Brewery was started in 2018 in West Oakland, CA by Bay Area resident Yoshihiro Sako. His attention to detail and skilled use of koji (rice mold) and yeast yields sakes that can be enjoyed cup after cup – Den Pasteurized Sake balances fresh fruitiness, acidity, and umami – all with a clean crisp ending.

Sake brewers in Japan are well known for their smooth, youthful skin, thanks to the lees that they work with everyday. Now you can have skin just like the brewers themselves! Handcrafted by Heavenly Soap Company, the nourishing, moisturizing Den Sake Soap has a savory, ricey aroma, incorporating Den sake lees and natural ingredients.


  • 1 bottle of Den Pasteurized Sake (17oz)
  • 1 bar of Den Sake Soap by Heavenly Soap Co. 
  • Packaged in a white gift box with decorative tape
  • All products made in the Bay Area
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to SD, UT, MS, AL, VT, KY.