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Shotoku Glass Company began manufacturing light bulbs in 1922. Inspired by the engineering and design of their lightbulbs, the company went on to develop a line of glassware, well-known in Japan today as "Usuhari."Β And just like a light bulb,Β this paper-thin glassΒ is as light as air.

Master craftsmen still hand blowΒ these glasses today, meticulously crafting fine glass tableware, like this glass cup intended for daiginjo sakeΒ (premium sake, using rice polished down at least 50%). A single spoke rises elegantly from the bottom of this cup, which helps draw out fruit-forward, floral traits to the nose, characteristic of daiginjo sake.

The cup is exquisite to hold; the design, revolutionary.Β It is such a jewel, we ask, why limit it to just sake?Β This Usuhari glass is a truly opulent way to present sake, as well as wine and cocktails. And water!

β€œI love the glass, love the tight chimney top for aroma, love the bowl for acidity play, and love the extended glass middle finger that comes from within the sake and waggles at wine and shochu drinkers. Cool glass, sweet feeling, brilliant look.”
- Beau Timken, Owner,Β True SakeΒ (SF)


  • Use for: Daiginjo sake, wine, cocktails
  • Capacity: 8.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 3.5"H
  • Material: Handblown Usuhari glass; includes a traditional wooden gift box made fromΒ kiri wood
  • Made in Japan