Sake Gumi

Give the gift of improved memory and antioxidants! A bowl of matcha helps you perk up without crashing in the middle of the day. Enjoy matcha in the morning with a one-of-a-kind tea bowl hand thrown by Studio Arhoj in Copenhagen.*

In addition to the bowl, this set includes a can of fresh matcha powder by Mizuba. Essential to anyone looking for a lifestyle centered around wellness, this fresh and delicious tea is perfect for your morning fix or afternoon lull. Your healthy habit will have you feeling vibrant in an instant.

A chasen (tea whisk) and chashaku (tea scoop), are also included in the set. The chasen is one of the main components necessary to create delicious matcha. An 80-tine chasen is the most common type, since it makes matcha that has just the right viscosity -- not too thick, not too thin. The chashaku is the traditional way of transporting matcha powder to the bowl, not to mentions scoops just the right amount of powder for one serving.

Lastly, you'll get a matcha whisk holder so your chasen will forever hold its shape!

Read our step-by-step blog post How to Make Matcha.

* As the bowls are hand-thrown, each one is a little different, and will not look exactly like the one in the picture.