Studio Arhoj, long known for ceramics design for the tabletop and decorative interiors, has added glassware production to its studio in 2020. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, their giant new space is a retail storefront with a glass window peeking into the ceramics and glass-blowing studio where their products are thrown, blown, and fired right there. 

The Kingyo Glass is inspired by the namesake goldfish of Japan, often multi-colored and stoutly shaped. The flecks of white and red are accented with 22K gold in the glass, producing a stunning, whimsical design that differs from cup to cup.

While each glass is an art piece of its own, it also feels sturdy in the hand, and is perfect for an Old Fashioned cocktail with a huge ice cube, shochu and soda, or just your everyday cup for water. Check out the hand-made production of the glass!

Anders Arhoj describes the production process of making the Kingyo Glass:

The Kingyo glasses are named and inspired from the classical Japanese red carp motif. When the red glass dots melt into the glass and are repeatedly reheated they start to become softer, like small red fish in a pond.
Each glass is impossible to recreate so every one is very unique, even though they have the same three elements: white and red frit colours and a 22 carat piece of gold leaf.
The gold is an often used technique in Japanese glassware - it's a whole piece of 22 carat gold leaf which the 1100 C hot glass gather is rolled onto while still on the pipe. And then afterwards reheated and blown into a wet wooden mold to achieve is clean lines and soft edges.
Finally the glass is knocked off the pipe onto fireproof fabric, the raw navel melted with a special oxygene/gas combo flame and stamped with our logo with a custom made brass stamp (extra long to avoid burning your hand near the hot glass).
After a 24 hour slowly controlled cool down in the annealer, the glass is out and ready to meet the world!
Please note that each glass is hand made and they may differ slightly from the photos, and from cup to cup.


  • Capacity: approx. 13 oz
  • Dimension: approx. 4"H  x 3.25"D, each glass is unique and differs slightly
  • Material: glass with red and white frit colors and one piece of 22K gold leaf
  • Glass mouth-blown in Copenhagen, Denmark