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This charming glass' bulbous shape will bring the perfect disco feel to your home libation setup. We love how the wavy curves are tempered by perfect symmetry, reminding us of Arhoj's Shape or something out of the Bay's Mud Witch catalog. 

Use this glass for perfect little Sangria, wine, sake, or beer pours; its not-too-small proportions make it a perfect piece for your groovy festivities.  

Aderia was founded in 1819, originally known for making glass toys for children. Today they make a range of glass products from tableware to glass jars and bottles. Their glassware designs have remained unchanged since the 70's, bringing a retro feel from the alleyway snack bars of Tokyo straight to your table.


  • Use for: Wine, beer, sake, spirits
  • Capacity: 6 oz
  • Dimensions: 2.7"D x 4"H
  • Material: Glass
  • Made in Japan