14 candles per pack! Designed to fit the Nanbu Tekki Candle Stand.

Takazawa Candle was established in 1892, using the same materials and methods they have used for over a hundred years.

The workers of Takazawa start their day at 5am, burning local firewood under three small kettles. They melt wax derived from all-natural materials, such as rice bran, Japanese wax tree, Japanese lacquer tree, and nanohana flowers. While they wait for the wax to melt, they spin the wick by hand, wrapping dried grass around a core of hollow washi paper. Once melted, they pour the wax into small wooden molds. After the wax has set, each candle is individually carved by hand. Takazawa takes pride in continuing their legacy of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, making each candle one by one with great care.

The shape of the candle itself recalls prayer candles often found in Buddhist temples, creating an aura of meditation and relaxation. The hand-spun, super thick core gives the flame considerable height and power, which may come as a surprise considering their small size! Each candle is unscented with an average burn time of 30 minutes. The bottom of the candle has a hole for easy placement on a candle holder.

Because the flame is bigger and brighter than the average candle, please keep away from flammable materials, children, and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.


  • 14 unscented candles per pack
  • 3”L x 0.25”W (individual candle)
  • Materials: plant-based wax, washi paper, dried grass
  • Burn time: 30 minutes
  • Made in Ishikawa, Japan