Another wild Komagatake single malt release from Mars Shinshu, this single malt is probably the most snappy and refreshing whisky we had the good fortune to taste. Aroma of fresh cut grass, sugar cane, and citrus peel. On the palate, this is dry, spicy, and very crisp with plenty of sansho pepper and some grapefruit. Komagatake IPA Cask is stellar on its own but it would really make an excellent highball if you have what it takes not to spill a drop when making it.

Mt. Kiso-Komagatake stands high in the central alps of Nagano, over which Mars Shinshu distillery presides. Famous for their blended whiskys (think Iwai Tradition, Iwai, and Iwai 45), Mars Shinshu will occasionally craft a single malt whisky; these special and less common releases are bottled under the name "Komagatake". 

Mars Shinshu Distillery has the highest altitude of all the distilleries in Japan. Situated in Nagano (the Japanese Alps, where the newest season of Terrace House is filmed) at an elevation of over 2600 feet, the temperature drops to 5°F. With fresh, ample snowfall, Mars Shinshu Distillery is situated in an ideal place for whisky production.


  • Distilled in Nagano, Japan by Mars Hombo Shuzo
  • Distilled from malted barley
  • ABV 52%
  • Barrels: Ex-bourbon, IPA cask
  • Age: More than 3 years
  • 25.3 fl oz (750ml)