Curbside Pick up

We are so lucky to have gotten our hands on these limited batch Redeye bitters from Miracle Mile. We know these bitters were delicious and smoky, but asked Louis Anderman, maker of Miracle Mile bitters, to tell us just what goes into concocting these elusive bitters.

"The Redeye are based on a previously not for sale formula called The 7 Deadly Bitters, which came from a bartender request for a bitters with bacon fat, tobacco, and coffee. This formula omits the tobacco, but they’re fat washed with Neuske’s bacon fat, and filtered with Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso. Replicating the tobacco flavor and dryness on the finish was one of my tougher R&D challenges, and also includes several separate infusion steps, which is what makes them so time-consuming to make. They’re good with any dark aged spirit, especially baller in a Manhattan."
-Louis Anderman

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  • Capacity: 4 oz
  • Material: Glass bottle with plastic top
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA