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This sturdy, wide-mouthed cup is made in Japan for enjoying shochu on-the-rocks, but it can also be used for shochu oyuwari (shochu and hot water [YUM]) or any other variety of cold drink. The crinkley-wrinkley texture is fun to hold and fiddle with once your drink is finished and you are waiting to have another. It's kind of like someone crumpled a perfectly smooth tea cup before it was fired in the kiln. 

The cup is made where liquid clay is poured into plaster molds, allowed to sit (for the clay to set), and once set removed from the mold. Upon removal, any seam lines are smoothed out and then the kiji (unglazed body) is air dried. Each kiji gets hand dipped in glaze, stacked in the kiln, and fired. 

Get this cup if you enjoy the izakaya aesthetic in your home or if you are simply ready to spice up your drinkware game with crinkled goodness. 


  • Capacity: 9.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 3-3/4"D x 3-1/2"H
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Made in Japan