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You asked for a flared tumbler perfect for up cocktails, spirit pours, juice, water, and (*record scratch*) the durability of Hard Strong and the ability to stack?!

Others balked, but we made it happen. The Hard Strong Hefty Stack Tumbler is the quintessential all-purpose tumbler for all of your beverage needs. A heavy, wide base, plenty of surface area for ample ice, a wide lip for sumptuous cocktail bouquets, and a divet on the interior which allows for convenient stacking in your cupboard without fear of sticking or chipping. Those who have had their glassware locked in a death's embrace know this grating feeling all to well. Hard Strong coating also makes this a glass you won't be nervous about busting out when things start to get rowdy and the cocktails are flying fast and loose.

Testimony by an Umami Mart customer:

“I dropped a Hard Strong glass on my granite counter top, then it bounced into my steel sink and nothing happened! I saw it with my own eyes in slow motion, sure it was going to shatter during the tumble. These are truly Hard Strong!”

Read about our visit to the Toyo-Sasaki Glass factory in Chiba, Japan.


  • Use for: Water, beer, juice
  • Capacity: 12 oz
  • Dimensions: 3.5"D x 4"H
  • Material: Glass
  • Made in Japan

*This testimonial was given in March 2014, in regards to the Striped Double Rocks glass, which has the HS Platinum grade protection. Glassware breakage is inevitable but the extra HS coating (plus good care and a little luck) helps to prevent it when possible. Read more about the Hard Strong technology here.