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Hiyaoroshi are sakes that have been pasteurized once in the winter, aged through the summer, and released in the fall without a second pasteurization. Brewers skip the second pasteurization because by the fall, temperatures are cool enough so that the sake will not spoil in hot weather. Hiyaoroshi are as fleeting as leaf peeping season in the fall, so get this back before it's gone!

Included in this pack are three bottles of very special, limited edition Fall 2021 hiyaoroshi that have just landed in the U.S. If you want to get a taste of fall, this is a party pack just for you!

2021 Wakatake Oniotome Sachi Tokubetsu Junmai Hiyaoroshi Sake

Oomuraya Shuzo offers this hiyaoroshi that sports a horn-sprouting demon maiden or oniotome. Notice fruit flavors including coconut, pear, and bananas, with a slightly savory finish reminiscent of roasted pecans. Enjoy this lighter hiyaoroshi with Wakatake's signature clean finish chilled or slightly warmed. Pairs delightfully with fall dishes including grilled sanma (Pacific Saury), roasted pumpkin or grilled shiitake.

2021 Tsukasabotan Senchu Hiyaoroshi Junmai Genshu Sake

Call all dry sake lovers! Tsukasabotan delivers another powerful punch with this hiyaoroshi. Balancing acidity, bold rice flavors, and tart fruity flavors, this sake is made for food pairing. We love its aroma full of lemon and strawberries, complemented by a dry but long finish. From seared bonito sashimi to gyoza to braised beef stew, this sake will stand up to all the fall meals you'll want heading into a cold winter. Warm it up!

2021 Gokyo Hiyaoroshi Namazume Junmai Sake

Picture it: crab season has started and you are sipping this perfectly harmonized hiyaoroshi with a fluffy, pillowy texture. Notice aromas of nutmeg and baked yellow cake, along with hints of raisin, chocolate, and cherry. We love this sake at room temperature or warm paired with briny flavors from the sea including squid, crab, gindara (black cod), hijiki, and sea grapes. For the seafood averse, try with roasted poultry or with buttered winter greens like collards or kale.

Hiyaoroshi Pack features:

  • 1 - 2021 Wakatake Oniotome Sachi Tokubetsu Junmai Hiyaoroshi Sake (BTL 24 oz, Shizuoka, 16% ALC/VOL)
  • 1 - 2021 Gokyo Hiyaoroshi Namazume Junmai Sake (BTL 24 oz, Yamagata, 15.5% ALC/VOL)
  • 1 - 2021 Tsukasabotan Senchu Hiyaoroshi Junmai Genshu Sake (24oz, Kochi, 17.5% ALC/VOL)
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